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A Baker's Dozen: Spring Favorites from Anthropologie House & Home

Who's ready for spring? This girl is, especially since my inbox and mailbox has been filling up with catalogs of pretty furniture and accessories for the coming season. I'm particularly drawn to pastels right now (weird...that Pantone Color of the Year deal must be influencing me more than I thought), and Anthropologie House & Home is doing it really well with their new collection. Here are 13 of my favorites:

Five Modern Fireplace Screens and One Cool Log Rack

Here in Boston, it's our second snow day in as many school days, so I think it's safe to say that winter is finally here....and that means, FIRES.

My style is fairly transitional...I like to own furniture and other investment pieces that can shift more modern or more classic, depending on the direction I take my house. But, I have several clients whose styles skew full-on modern. So I went on the hunt for screens that would fit their style.

Here are five great modern fireplace screens (plus one very cool log rack):

So how about you? Do you care what your fireplace screen looks like, or is it there purely for utilitarian purposes?