Welcome to The Mudroom!

My home décor philosophy?  Real life and a beautiful home can co-exist.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of time, or a little bit of money, or a little bit of elbow grease, but I believe that everybody can have a comfortable, lovely home that includes all the messiness of real life – kids, animals, whatever.  For me, real life is two wild and delicious boys under 5 (dirt), an incredible husband who is an avid mountain biker (more dirt), a 70-year old home in need of updating (crooked floors and pink tile), working outside the home four days a week (almost no time) and a tight monthly budget (you get the drift).  Through this blog I plan to share great products (Shop It), Do-It-Yourself ideas (Make It), ways to use what you already own (Reinvent It) and other inspirations that I have experienced myself or that I pick up through my near-addiction to home design magazines (don’t even get my husband started on the piles). 

Oh, and before you read any further, I want to give a special shout-out to my longtime friend and aptly-titled Chief Creative Consultant, Christine Koh, who not only seems to have the answer to every question I have about blogging, but designed my rockin’ logo (isn't it great?).  Visit her at www.BostonMamas.com and www.PoshPeacock.com to get some for yourself. 

Hope you enjoy…