Bedside Table Solution

dsc001911 Last week, my husband and I rearranged our bedroom furniture.  The fresh look of the room was great, but the new arrangement left about 12 inches on my side of the bed.  Ultimately, this was a good thing, since my bedside table is really just a depository for stuff that gets cleared off and organized once every six months or so, but the lack of space for a table proved challenging when I got into bed that night and had no light for my wind-down magazine perusal.  So I went hunting in the house for something that might serve as a good stand-in. 

Using an extra child’s dining chair that we had on hand, a pretty stack of hardcovers (most of which are works-in-progress since I never read one book at a time) and the perfect little lamp from my original side table, I had a functional resting place that adds visual interest to the room – all without spending a dime.