Statement Rings for Winter

Anyone who knows me can tell you I'm a big fan of jewelry. (Styling and accessorizing has always been my thing -- whether it's for a room or for an outfit.) High quality costume has always been my preference, since the real stuff is a little too dear for my lifestyle (though I wouldn't turn down the Pure Alhambra ring if it showed up in my jewelry box). In the warmer months, I'm all about statement necklaces or earrings, but when winter comes and I'm bundled up to my neck, the statement ring is my go-to accessory.  Here are a few favorites on my wish list right now:

The Ice Twister from Bauble Bar is what I would consider a delicate statement ring. In rose gold and pavé crystal, it's gorgeous for night or day.

Looking down and being reminded that spring is coming is what Tory Burch's Fern Ring would do for me. I love those bright enamel leaves.

Statements don't have to be all sparkles and glitter. I love the simplicity of Madewell's Band Ring.

While I'm not generally a fan of snakes or snake-motifs, I'm kind of crazy about the Wrapping Serpent Cocktail Ring from Alexis Bittar. I think it would be fun to pair it with a slightly prim, classic outfit.

Holding tight in first place on my list is a ring from designer Megan Auman's Contra Collection. These rings are bananas...big and beautiful and every one is different. Megan's first group of Contra rings went quickly, but she's getting ready to restock the shop, so keep an eye out. (The also come in smaller stones for those who don't want to go so bold.)

While not on my wish list  -- because I already own it -- another favorite from Alexis Bittar is the Orbital Ring. Bittar is known for his use of lucite, and this one is a showstopper. Available in several different colors, the black and gold combination is my favorite and elicits compliments every time I wear it. It's no longer available on, but google it to find retailers!

So tell me, have you worn statement rings?

Last photo credit: Paige Lewin; all others direct from retailer sites.