ABOVE THE COUCH: Banquet Atelier & Workshop

Happy 2016! So, ok, I've always been a big fan of resolutions, but I've realized in my 40+ years that the single best way to ensure that I don't follow through on a resolution is to announce it to the world (or even to my family). So, let's just say I hope you enjoy this first post of 2016 that happens to fall on a Monday. And maybe I'll see you here again next Monday. Or maybe not. I'm not making any promises...at least not aloud.

Every client with whom I've ever worked struggles with art. I've even had an artist client that struggled with art.

How to hang it. How much to spend on it. What size it should be. Painting? Print? Sculpture? Object? And so on.

But the most common question I get is where to find great, affordable art. 

There are tons of blog posts out there that round up awesome affordable art sites (I particularly love this one and refer to it often), but I think there's still plenty of room for sharing individual shops and artists.

So, in my new series, "Above the Couch," I'll share my favorite art finds. (As you might have guessed, "above the couch" refers to the spot that people often find most troublesome when it comes to art.) I hope you find something perfect along the way! On to my first installment...

My sweet sister-in-law-to-be, Isabel, has a knack for finding stellar gifts. Truly. Not only are her gifts wrapped with care and artistry, but inside, the recipient will always find something that she or he didn't even know was missing from life. Oh, but it was. 

This Christmas, Isabel gave the Humans and Hybrids print from Banquet Atelier & Workshop to my former-Classics-major brother (and her soon-to-be-brother-in-law). Not only was the subject matter on point, but he and his gal are about to move in together and need to decorate.

When he opened it, there was sort of a collective "ahhhh, ohhhh...it's perfect!" from all of us.

When I got home from the festivities, I checked out Banquet, and immediately added them to my source list. While the Vancouver-based shop creates textiles, temporary tatts, paper goods, and more; the prints are what captured me most. Their graphic simplicity evoke a little '70s, a little Marimekko, a little "I love this and think I could maybe make it but probably not as well" (which for me is almost always a sure sign that it's my style).