A Baker's Dozen: Spring Favorites from Anthropologie House & Home

Who's ready for spring? This girl is, especially since my inbox and mailbox has been filling up with catalogs of pretty furniture and accessories for the coming season. I'm particularly drawn to pastels right now (weird...that Pantone Color of the Year deal must be influencing me more than I thought), and Anthropologie House & Home is doing it really well with their new collection. Here are 13 of my favorites:

Five Modern Fireplace Screens and One Cool Log Rack

Here in Boston, it's our second snow day in as many school days, so I think it's safe to say that winter is finally here....and that means, FIRES.

My style is fairly transitional...I like to own furniture and other investment pieces that can shift more modern or more classic, depending on the direction I take my house. But, I have several clients whose styles skew full-on modern. So I went on the hunt for screens that would fit their style.

Here are five great modern fireplace screens (plus one very cool log rack):

So how about you? Do you care what your fireplace screen looks like, or is it there purely for utilitarian purposes?

THE WEEKLY SESH: Cellists on Fire, Pretty Blooms, The Best Wine Ever, and More

Thanks for the amazing response to The Weekly Sesh! I'm so glad you love it. (And for those of you who don't know what The Weekly Sesh is, or where on earth the name came from, check it here.)

On to this week's sesh:

Flower: Need a little mid-winter color? Check your grocery store's fresh flower section for forced hyacinths. They come with a vase and are already starting to sprout, so all you have to do is sit around and enjoy the intoxicating scent.

Wine: I served Graves Chateau Pouyanne White Bordeaux at a party a few years ago and have served it at every party since. I have no idea how to talk about wine, so I'll just say it's damn good. It can be a little tough to find, so if your local shop doesn't carry it, ask if they can order it for you. You won't be disappointed.

Evidence from Tuesday night that it can be hard to find. And that I'm not the only one who likes it.

Video: Need a five-minute break during work? Watch these two cellists playing AC/DC's Thunderstruck. It's insane. 

Leather Boots: I got these basic black boots from Nordstrom's Brass Plum brand (er, juniors' department) while visiting my best friend in Atlanta last fall. They are outrageously comfortable, give a little bit of height without any risk (the stacked heels are nice and sturdy), and I am regularly stopped by people wanting to know where I got 'em.

Instagram Follow: I'm a sucker for Goldens (my own Instagram feed is filled with shots of our Golden/pet lion Zeus). If you love Goldens too, check out The Grumpy Golden, the feed following Jetty, a service dog in training. It's a killer. 

See you next week!

All photos are from the sites listed, with the exception of the empty wine display (via Paige Lewin) and hyacinths (via A Garden for the House). 


Hi everyone! I'm back with another installment of Above the Couch, the series that explores great resources for affordable art. Today's source is the super clever and bold Pop Chart Lab, a favorite of mine for holiday gifts and for clients who like to have fun with their art.

Pop Chart Lab is based in Brooklyn (all the cool kids live there), where they "assemble, sift, cull, and arrange massive amounts of cultural data into meaningful works of art and information."

Check it:

For those who are NOT lactose-intolerant:

Pop Chart Lab has infographics, charts, and diagrams for everything for beer to the costumes of BroadwayVisit them here and let me know what you think. I bet you'll love them as much as I do.

All photos via Pop Chart Lab.