Paige has an eye for color and talent for reimagining a space. Her organizational skills are unmatched, in a quick hour she refreshed a room and made a space that made us feel happy and settled. She is my go-to design consultant! - Marianne R.

Paige is a gift. Her design work is not just about picking the right color paint or finding the right coffee table. She is actually helping people create living spaces that are an expression of their best selves. When my wife and I called Paige we thought we were trying to make our home more comfortable and beautiful. Paige told us that it will only be comfortable and beautiful if it is an extension of who we are as people. And then she helped us make that happen. Transforming our space has brightened our day-to-day lives. Thank you Paige! - Jon B.

Paige helped me to redesign my living room, which was in its original 1985 form. The first time we met, she took plenty of time to ask what we were looking to do. She wanted to understand and address our needs. When she came back with the design plan, I was completely blown away with what she created. It was very obvious she had listened intently to what both my husband and I wanted for the room. Her ideas were fantastic, our favorite being the suggestion of a game table between our windows since we play so often with the kids. She provided everything we needed to complete the project and was an absolute pleasure to work with. - Jenna L.

Paige gets it. She sees what's missing in a current design or layout and knows how to augment it so the space can reach its maximum potential. Based on one visit to my home and clippings pulled from magazines, she understood my design aesthetic (which I was unable to verbally articulate for her) and presented a fresh design that was affordable, modern, kid-friendly, sophisticated and yet timeless.

Paige was the consummate professional: prompt and courteous. She came with her own Rolodex of contractors, electricians and carpenters, but worked well with others.

But best of all, Paige selected a color palette and complementary patterns that I would have never chosen on my own. She knew what I wanted deep down, but was unable to make the leap and do for myself. Paige's vision has brought light, color, and happiness to our dated living room and dining room. I am beyond thrilled with the final result and would wholeheartedly recommend Paige to anyone looking for an interior stylist. - Karen L.

I’m not overstating things when I say that Paige has changed our lives. With every step of our interior transformation -- from larger changes like paint and built-ins to smaller changes like lamps -- I’ve realized how incredibly important it is to make your home create a space where you feel comfort and joy and permanence. I can’t thanks Paige enough for what she has done for us. - Christine K.